We Are HCS: Thom Doyle

Human Care Systems / Culture / May 05, 2020



BOSTON (May 5th, 2020) — As President of Human Care Systems, Thom Doyle spends significant time coaching teams across HCS to:

  • Follow the data – what is the data telling us in terms of which action paths to pursue?
  • Build in durability – quality systems, action orientation, scalability from the start.
  • Develop as leaders – coaching, roles, experiences, ownership, confidence.
  • Move as fast as possible – complete view of the risks allows for faster progress.
  • Use systems – the right technology, tools, roles, metrics make us better and smarter.
  • Consider new angles – what haven’t we considered?
  • Push ahead through change and challenge – support each team and person to persevere.
  • Continuously improve via operational science – systematic application of learnings, best practices, and improvements.

What makes you most proud about HCS?

The great team we’ve built of diverse, smart ‘doers’ who care deeply about helping patients.

What recent achievements at HCS deserve note?

We have been launching nearly two new programs per month. One recent launch of note is for an in-office injectable:

  • Nine weeks before the drug’s launch date, HCS was brought in to provide the adherence solution, replacing a large Hub services vendor.
  • This was a big launch with high levels of investment and expectations, and a very short timeframe.
  • We executed on the plan and in nine weeks successfully configured and launched a support program with sophisticated cadences and patient personalized support delivered via nurse (phone, video, click-to-chat), email, SMS, and print mailing.

What made these achievements possible?

Program launches are truly whole team efforts made possible by tremendous expertise and dedication from everyone.  Our teams – technology, implementation, IT support, quality, product, finance, marketing, partnering, client management, and nursing teams – are the mechanism by which we create value. We are constantly investing and improving our capabilities that support our teams, particularly in regard to speed and flexibility:  

  • The Resilix® treatment experience platform is a configurable software. This means that it can often be configured quickly by non-technical personnel.
  • The Resilix platform is built for seamless two-way data integrations with third parties, which is usually the biggest driver of pre-launch time and resources.
  • We invest in building transparent, high-value client relationships based on trust.

What most excites you about HCS looking forward?

Biopharmaceutical companies are quickly increasing focus and investment on the quality of experience that patients, caregivers, and HCPs have with treatment. The days of basic, semi-reliable, mediocre patient support are over. The future is nimble, patient focused, and technologically sophisticated. We see that shift as good for patients, providers, pharma, and HCS.

What’s most challenging about your role?

I spend a lot of time coaching our team leaders.  One skill every new leader needs to learn is to be able to put oneself in another person’s shoes. This ability to see the world in all its complexity and challenge from the eye of another takes focus and practice.  Whether it is to understand why the client wants what they want, why team members stumble, or what the patient is struggling with, it is essential to be able to detach from one’s own goals, hopes, fears, and biases, and focus on truly understanding the perspective of the other person. 

How does HCS stay ahead of the curve?

By getting better and better.  Our whole business is built on a system of quality and operational science – measurement, defect identification, learnings, systematic improvements. For us, our North Star is helping patients get better value and effectiveness from their treatments. There are an endless number of challenges we all face when we are in the patient role, and so we always see more we can do to engage and support patients to initiate, adhere, and have the best possible outcome from treatment. 

What do you love about working at HCS?

Our clients and the people at HCS. I love working with a smart, driven, talented group of both our people and client people who are trying to do the right thing for patients.

Tell us a bit about your interests and life outside of work?

The things I like doing most outside of work are spending time with family and fitness. I particularly like when I can combine the two for family ski or rock-climbing adventures or coaching my kids’ soccer teams.

What is your background prior to HCS?

I grew up in Las Vegas and studied chemical engineering at MIT.  I worked briefly for Monitor Company as a consultant after college and have been an entrepreneur now for 20+ years.  I like hard problems that are worth solving, and I have long been focused on the problem of how to optimize use and outcomes from treatment.

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