We Are HCS: Kristi Harris

Human Care Systems / Culture / Apr 17, 2020



BOSTON (April 17th, 2020) — Kristi Harris leads Resilix® Implementation at HCS, ensuring that each implementation of the Resilix Treatment Experience Platform is:

  • Done right – effective planning, high-impact communications, ‘what if’ scenarios addressed, details managed
  • A best ‘fit’ with each client biopharma organization – appropriately customized and geared to maximize use and value
  • As fast as possible – the Resilix platform is designed to be easily configurable and its rule-based actions can be adjusted on an ongoing basis
  • Systematic and scalable – deliver repeatable, measurable, improvable implementations
  • Best for the users – supporting workflows for phone, field, reimbursement, digital, etc.
  • Better than the previous implementation via operational science – systematic application of learnings, best practices, and improvements

What makes you most proud about the implementation team/organization/capability at HCS?
This is a new team and capability at HCS – we decided to form the Resilix Implementation team late last year. Our goal is to ensure that each launch of a new program on the Resilix platform is successful, measurable, improvable, and better than the previous implementation.

Implementation is where the rubber really meets the road in terms of how the Resilix platform brings value. We stood up a new team and got directly involved in six current implementations in January and have been launching about one per month. I’m incredibly proud of our team, how quickly everyone has stepped into their new roles, and what we’ve been able to accomplish with our clients in such a short time.

What recent achievements in the implementation team at HCS deserve note?
We have successfully launched more than one new program per month since we started the Resilix Implementation team, and this is certainly an achievement for our team and all our HCS colleagues. To support this pace of new implementations, we have built capabilities in three areas, each representing achievements for our team:

  • Systematizing the process for translating client business needs into technical plans

  • Consistent and optimized formats for all tools and templates: configuration templates, BRDs, end-user training material, JIRA project management, E2E UAT, post-launch system QA processes, etc.

  • Change management to ensure flawless handling of inevitable changes and curveballs including delays in content finalization, third party vendor challenges, scope changes, etc.

What made these achievements possible?
I think the range of past experiences that our group brings together end-users, operations, technology, quality, account management – is the real core. The team works extremely well contributing perspectives from these backgrounds. We are all very focused on the users within our clients – phone, field, reimbursement, digital, etc – and how they will get the most value from the Resilix platform. Many of us on the implementation team are former system users (I was a phone nurse) and we proactively apply the user perspective to implementations.

What most excites you about the implementation team at HCS looking forward?
If we can accomplish this much in our first quarter of operation, imagine what we can grow into! I’m specifically looking forward to continued progress on automating the configuration of new Resilix implementations and further shortening the time it takes to launch a new program.

What's most challenging about your role?
Implementing enterprise software at biopharmaceutical companies is not for those uncomfortable with complexity and change. Working as a nurse in busy hospitals helped me get comfortable and even come to enjoy bringing order to these situations.

I appreciate the challenge this role brings both in its newness as well as the need to be incredibly thorough. My thinking is constantly being stretched by the need to always consider 'what if' and 'how can we improve x, y and z'. The Resilix Implementation team also facilitates work across multiple areas at HCS (tech + IT + account + quality) and requires detail orientation and a strong ability to follow through. We stay on our toes!

How does the implementation team at HCS stay ahead of the curve?
Our role on the Resilix Implementation team is to maximize how the Resilix platform ‘fits’ to our clients, biopharmaceutical companies, in terms of successful implementation and getting the most value from the Resilix platform. The curve we are trying to stay ahead of is all about how we most effectively and efficiently engage with the relevant departments at our client companies to implement and ensure best use and value from the Resilix platform: patient services, marketing, IT, pharmacovigilance, data and analytics, and others. We work closely with clients to continuously improve how the Resilix platform is implemented and used.

What do you love about working at HCS?
I love that we are not afraid to grow, learn, and change. HCS has provided me with a range of growth opportunities to follow my passions, learn, develop leadership skills and confidence, and ultimately change my perception of what I can accomplish. I joined HCS as a nurse on the phone, then became manager of nurse training, nurse manager, head of all Treatment Experience Nurses, and now VP of Resilix Implementation. I have enjoyed each of these roles, as well as the opportunity to rise as a leader.

Tell us a bit about your interests and life outside of work?
We are a family that enjoys being together with extended family and friends and being outdoors (as much camping as we can get!). The best evenings are watching our son play ice hockey or our daughter in dance or volleyball. I also enjoy reading, watching movies and spending time by the pool.

What is your background prior to HCS?
In high school and college, I worked as a dance instructor, teaching jazz, ballet, modern, tap, and other dance forms. I first pursued education as a career and received my BA and MA degrees and then taught in Phoenix schools. Teaching was a great experience, but I wanted to be (even more) connected to helping others. I went back to school to become a nurse and worked at Mayo Clinic ICU for my hospital nursing years, helping people through some very difficult times. I’ve greatly appreciated my teaching and nursing experiences and love the chance to use both now leading Resilix implementations.

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