We Are HCS: Jessica Lens

Human Care Systems / Culture / Mar 27, 2020



BOSTON (March 27th, 2020) — Jessica Lens is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product at Human Care Systems. Among her numerous responsibilities, she ensures that the Resilix® Treatment Experience Platform delivers now and tomorrow for patients, HCPs, and biopharma. Her passion for product stems from a career and personal focus in human behavior, great user experiences, and applying evidence to improve health outcomes. Having worked in nearly every part of the company, Jessica adds a deep understanding of HCS business and technology goals and realities. In addition, her COO role allows her to ensure that product plays the desired central role that we intend at HCS. The result is a product – the Resilix platform – and a product organization that is forward-looking and delivers best-in-class user experiences and an impact on initiation.


What makes you most proud about the product team at HCS?
The product team is very end-user and end-experience oriented. We act as advocates for the ultimate patient and user experience with the Resilix platform and design any new functionality with that top of mind. I'm proud that we've been able to keep complex processes very intuitive in the UI.

What recent achievements in product at HCS deserve recognition?
We recently received feedback from one of our clients who had switched their workforce to the Resilix platform. The positive reactions were overwhelming. These users were used to a Salesforce tool prior to using the Resilix platform and they were impressed by our functionality to manage data in a way that's intuitive for the user.

What made these achievements possible?
A great collaboration between the product and tech teams, first of all. We really work together to find solutions that work well with existing functionalities whenever we design new features. Second, having a team of end-users within HCS is extremely helpful. We can reach out anytime to get their input on new designs.

What most excites you about product at HCS looking forward?
Adding even more functionality specifically for pharma patient services delivery. That market deserves a technology platform that is specifically created for them. Their workflows are so complex and need to be highly flexible at the same time, the industry is so highly regulated, and given the sensitivity of patient data and patient communications that need to be exactly right, it's really not great to use a generic platform as your starting point. I'm very excited for the Resilix platform to own the space.

What's most challenging about your role?
It's sometimes challenging to balance the very specific needs for individual programs with the desire to stay true to the Resilix platform's core concept and design features in a way that works for all programs. At the same time, we realize that this is exactly why this industry didn't yet have a tool like the Resilix platform before because of these highly specific use cases. We've become quite good at extrapolating the underlying technical functionality that is needed for such specific requests and designing it in such a way that we can configure many different use cases, not just one, using the same underlying technology.

How does product at HCS stay ahead of the curve?
We listen and observe and stay connected to users, clients, patients, colleagues, industry trends. Each of those is a rich source of new product ideas.

What do you love about working at HCS?
I love working at HCS. I love how our work reaches thousands of patients. I love how my work brings together psychology, creativity, problem solving and technology. I love how I still, after eight years at HCS, learn something new every day. I love my colleagues.

Tell us a bit about your interests and life outside of work.
I bake bread at home, lots of it. My children (5 and 7) eat all of it! My favorite is spelt bread which has a lovely mild taste and texture. I also like to run and hike and make short trips 'home' to The Netherlands where most of my family lives.


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