We Are HCS: Jenny Yu

Human Care Systems / Culture / Jun 25, 2020



As SVP and Head of Client Relationship Management at HCS, Jenny Yu and her teams ensure that each HCS client has an experience that is:

  • Reliable, valuable, and delivers successfully 100% of the time.
  • Tuned to how things get done in the complex world of biopharmaceuticals.
  • Responsive to evolving client needs as priorities and timeframes shift.
  • Repeatable and scalable where possible and highly tailored where needed.
  • Built on transparency, effective communications, meeting commitments, and building trust.
  • Improving via operational science – systematic application of learnings, best practices, and improvements.

What makes you most proud about the Client Relationship Management team at HCS?
I am so impressed every single day with the way the whole team steps up and delivers for clients and patients no matter what. I love the opportunity to work every day with such passionate, smart, and dedicated colleagues. I really appreciate that people at HCS share a deep commitment to deliver for the patient.

Our clients work incredibly hard in complex and challenging environments to deliver for the patient. Our job is to lead client organizations to deliver on the patient experience with treatment initiation, adherence, outcomes. The Client Relationship Management team plays a critical multi-disciplinary role in coordinating all the HCS teams to deliver for clients and patients.

At the end of the day, I’m most proud that we always deliver measurable impact, in terms of first-fill rates, time to fill, refills per patient, patient satisfaction, HCP satisfaction, intention to prescribe, and more.

What recent achievements in Client Relationship Management at HCS deserve note?
In the last 9 months, we have added 10 new clients and launched 14 new programs, nearly 2 per month, and the rate is accelerating.

What made these achievements possible?
Many, many HCS teams and people and efforts synchronize to deliver at this fast (and increasing) rate. I think there are five critical elements that deserve mention:

  • Trusting client relationships: the core of our ability to deliver value are trust-based relationships with clients built on transparency, effective communication, and consistent delivery.
  • A team of leaders: our HCS teams are made up of leaders who are each driving toward value for the client and patient, not waiting to be told what to do.
  • The Resilix® platform is a ready-to-go patient services platform with fast and flexible configuration, data integrations, AE reporting, dashboards, and more. It is configurable via both APIs and non-technical UI and new programs and features can be launched in weeks.
  • The Resilix platform is built for quick uptake, coordination, and value by the users: remote nurses (via phone, click-to-chat, video), field, reimbursement, and digital touchpoints (via SMS, email, web, mobile).
  • HCS offers modular patient services solutions that can be easily deployed as needed, such as the Resilix platform, quality systems, Treatment Experience Nurses, data integrations, analytics and reporting, strategy and content, program management, and more.

What most excites you about Client Relationship Management at HCS looking forward?
Our rate of growth means that we have more and more clients, treatments, and patients to support. This is very exciting, in terms of the further improvements we can make to HCS, the new roles this opens for team members to pursue, and the increased positive impact we can have on clients and patients.

What’s most challenging about your role?
I feel immense responsibility for each one of my team members and I love helping each person grow and succeed, as well as supporting healthy balance and well-being for each person. It’s important to me that they are passionate about their work and feel challenged. I want to ensure that I lead by example.

I also feel a tremendous responsibility to deliver for our clients and patients. Our clients have entrusted us with the care and support of their patients. Our patients have faith that we will help them achieve better outcomes.

I actually like the intensity of needing to always think about these three responsibilities – team, clients, patients – but I would be lying if I said it was never stressful or challenging :)

How does Client Relationship Management at HCS stay ahead of the curve?
We focus on solutions and not roadblocks. That’s what has allowed us to deliver where our competitors haven’t. We are particularly focused on solutions and staying ahead of the curve to:

  • Coordinate and control the patient experience with treatment. We ensure that each step of the HCP and patient experience - ordering, reimbursement, fulfillment, initiation, adherence, outcomes - is free of defects and happens as intended.
  • Integrate; we maximize range, depth, and flexibility of integrations and data access across the drug fulfillment value chain and apply learnings from the data to improve customer experience and internal operations.
  • Leverage workflows by using operational science to eliminate re-work and drive continuous improvement in order to improve the customer experience and reduce time to fill. 

What do you love about working at HCS?
The people, hands down. I work with incredibly smart and dedicated people who never hesitate to help each other, regardless of position or role. The shared commitment to the patient - many of us come from public health, nursing, and other patient-focused backgrounds - is a powerful force to drive and align our work.

Our people ensure we can deliver for our clients and the patients we support. Our measurable results (delivering on time, improving adherence/refills, increasing engagement, positive patient satisfaction, etc.) - show that we walk the talk. New challenges (in a good way) to solve for make each day interesting.

What is your background prior to HCS?
I grew up in Elk Grove, California and went to Brown University where I studied biomedical engineering and received BA and ScM degrees. I also co-founded a company seeking to develop and commercialize a non-invasive glucose monitor, and I worked as an EMT in Providence, RI.

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