Resilix™️ Platform won in the 2019 Graphic Design USA Awards

Jessica Lens / Technology / Oct 07, 2019

Human Care Systems' Resilix™️ Platform won in the 2019 Graphic Design USA Awards, category Health + Wellness Design! Designing an intuitive UX/UI for our Resilix™️ platform is an important and constant focus of our Product team. We have 3 key design principles we keep in mind:

1. Design for the user. We’re lucky at Human Care Systems to have a group of end users on staff. Our own Treatment Experience Nurses provide input throughout every phase of new feature design. We analyze their click patterns, we dive into clunkiness of legacy technology, and listen to their feedback so that any new Resilix™️ feature improves their experience dramatically. 

2. Design for efficiency. We know that every design decision we make impacts our user’s fluency in their day-to-day tasks. Our users spend the vast majority of their time in the Resilix™️ platform, performing repeated tasks for every patient they connect with. Workflows need to be streamlined and efficient and help the user take smart shortcuts wherever possible. 

3. Design for the looks. We really care about the way our platform looks because it directly drives the kind of calls we make. Where other CRM platforms look like a database of fields and drive ‘data collection’ type calls, Resilix™️ focuses on the patient. Approved talking points, assessment questions, and barrier discussions are brought to the forefront of the Resilix™️ UI. This drives calls that are much more supportive and focus on overcoming challenges while naturally collecting the necessary data along the way.


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