Announcing Resilix® Version 5.4.0



BOSTON (May 1st, 2020)Human Care Systems is proud to launch Resilix® platform version 5.4.0. This release brings additional functionality to our video chat feature and the ability to share information with patients and HCPs in PDF format.

The expanded video functionality includes the ability to send reminders for scheduled video calls and the ability to add on-demand video to an active phone call. Especially in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, these enhanced video chat capabilities allow us to communicate and truly connect with patients and providers in the most optimal way. Resilix platform users will also be able to share select information and resources as PDF files directly on the user interface. The PDF files can be sent to patients, caregivers, or physicians through email or SMS, when consent is captured for those recipients.

The Resilix platform is a CRM for biopharmaceutical companies that provides omnichannel treatment support to patients and healthcare providers to maximize treatment initiation, adherence, and persistence. All channels, UI, data entities, content, and business rules in the Resilix platform are configurable for each client, program, and user role. This provides biopharmaceutical companies the ability to control the entire treatment experience including reimbursement, fulfillment, ongoing adherence, outcomes, and data collection from one single platform.

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