Report Sheds Light On Patient Experience During COVID-19

We’re excited to release a report that sheds light on the challenges patients are facing with treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can download your copy here.

There were three primary findings:

  1. Patients have had difficulty connecting with their physicians for medical information.
  2. There are new barriers to treatment initiation and adherence because patients are nervous to carry out even their normal routines.
  3. Pharmaceutical patient support provides a social connection and some level of reassurance.

The report (download your copy here) includes quotes captured from patients during nursing calls in March and April. These quotes illustrate in human stories how patients struggled to cope with the COVID-19 while managing chronic conditions. 

One patient with a rare disease said: “I’ve started taking halves… I can’t risk the side effects and having to go in to see my doctor right now.” Their comment illustrates the urgent need to find new ways to support patient populations through the pandemic and into the future.

Get your copy today to learn how patient populations are coping with treatment during COVID-19.

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