Introducing Free Text


A client wanted their nurses to be able to text with patients, so we developed a free text feature for the Resilix® platform and included it in our latest release. Free text is a form of SMS messaging without templates or pre-formatted language – it allows for fully personalized patient support while maintaining a visible, controllable and auditable history of all conversations.

With this new feature, patients can initiate interactions and have real-time conversations outside of the phone channel. The goal is to simplify and lower the barriers for basic transactions, such as scheduling a call or requesting additional resources, allowing us to further personalize patient support. 

Case managers can hold conversations with multiple patients at once and will be alerted through screen notifications that will automatically route them to the appropriate patient record and chat window. Users can access a historical view of a conversation with a patient while still being able to send and trigger templated SMS messages. As free text may not be appropriate for all patients or therapies, it can easily be turned on or off per patient or per program.


The Resilix platform is a CRM for biopharmaceutical companies that provides omnichannel treatment support to patients and healthcare providers to maximize treatment initiation, adherence, and persistence. All channels, UI, data entities, content, and business rules in the Resilix platform are configurable for each client, program, and user role. This provides biopharmaceutical companies the ability to control the entire treatment experience including reimbursement, fulfillment, ongoing adherence, outcomes, and data collection from one single platform.


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