HCS Launches Optimized Inbound Call Handling and Patient Assessment Portal

We are proud to announce the launch of our optimized inbound call handling process and Patient Assessment Portal!

Optimized Inbound Call Handling


Our most recent release of the Resilix® adherence application introduces a redesigned inbound call handling process that makes the handling of inbound calls a much smoother process, with a more efficient and effective outcome. In addition to current features such as matching inbound calling numbers to patient records, new functionality includes:

  • Inbound call notifications that allow case managers to immediately open a patient record and access relevant talking points
  • The ability to retroactively attach an open inbound call to an existing patient record – this is particularly helpful when a patient calls in with a temporary or non-registered phone number
  • The ability to view all inbound calls in a new inbound table on the calls list

Improved Patient Assessment Portal

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Typically most patients complete a program assessment upon enrollment or over the phone. Our updated patient assessment portal now allows patients to receive and complete assessments digitally via a Resilix web page. Patient assessments can be taken either on a computer or mobile device and each unique link can be accessed via email or SMS.

Once the assessment is submitted, the answers will be automatically linked to the patient record. All assessment data can be included in analytics reporting, used to segment patients, deploy communication cadences, determine next-best-actions, and more. This feature can also be used to collect patient satisfaction surveys in addition to patient assessments.


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